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From classical to quantum thermodynamics, Alberto Giuseppe Catalano

Datum i vrijeme:
ponedjeljak 22.4.2024., 16:00 - 17:00

Mjesto održavanja:
Tehnički muzej Nikola Tesla, Savska cesta 18

Vrsta događanja:

7. i 8. razred osnovne škole i srednja škola

Lokacija (prostorija):
Mala dvorana


I want to celebrate the annyversary of birth of Lord Kelvin discussing his contributionst to the field of thermodynamics, in connection to the advent of the Industrial Revolution and the realization of thermal machines and technologies that we constantly use in our life. In analogy, nowdays we are at the verge of the secong Quantum Revolution, and the field of quantum thermodynamics is emerging as one of the most promising frontiers of physics, leading to the development of novel quantum technologies such as quantum thermal machines or quantum batteries.


Alberto Giuseppe Catalano

I am a PhD student in Quantum Physics at Institut Ruđer Bošković and University of Strasbourg (France). My research activity is focused on the study quantum magnetical systems and, as a theoretical physicist, my goal is that of understanding of novel and exotic proporties. These represent powerful resources for the development of novel quantum technologies, such as quantum thermal machines or quantum batteries.

This is a YouTube ling to a few videos in which I discuss my research projects: